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We are the organisation agency for the perfect company outing or corporate party in Rotterdam and its surroundings. We deliver unique tours and arrangements with a feeling for the city and the experience you want to experience during your outing. The AroundTown team is happy to help you organise your corporate event or group outing. Of course taking into account your budget, location and other wishes.
AroundTown is run by real Rotterdam people. Not just another national company that also does Rotterdam.

Authentic and real.

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Brandstory AroundTown.

“Give someone a smile and he will feel at ease.
Give a compliment and he will blossom.
Give a gift and he will be grateful.
Gift an experience and the memory will connect you forever”

Actually, it was love for Rotterdam that led us to start AroundTown 20 years ago. The city of shoulders and go, perseverance and cooperation. The city of reconstruction. The city that is slowly regaining its heart and with it its pride.

Our city.

A love of Rotterdam inspired the founding of a city walking agency in 1990. As born and bred Rotterdammers. An agency that wanted to show the beauty, of that city built with their own hands. Anyone who had been on a city walk felt they had seen something special. The real Rotterdam.

Meanwhile, the second generation was ready in 2003 to take over and take the concept into the new century. The city walks were expanded to include bicycle tours, tandem tours, full city packages, city games and evening programmes. Still with the aim of revealing Rotterdam’s hidden beauty to groups of friends, colleagues or business associates.
Organisation agency AroundTown was born. Averse to standard solutions, because after all, nothing is standard in Rotterdam. We left the beaten track and took our clients to discover the real Rotterdam.

But there, off the beaten track, we discovered we had something even more valuable to offer than just the hidden beauty of Rotterdam.
By taking people out of their familiar everyday surroundings, unique experiences were created. Experiences that became valuable memories. Memories that the participant would share together for the rest of their lives.
So not only do we know the city, but we also know what it takes to engage people. Thanks to that knowledge, we pair our clients with an appropriate package with ease. Sometimes a bit naughty, sometimes a bit daring. After all, we believe that experiencing unique moments together fraternises and connects.

Are you looking for a fun experience in the centre of Rotterdam or the South Holland area? And not just the standard excursion but something exciting for the family or colleagues? A TukTuk tour including BBQ, a special dinner at an exclusive location or a tandem tour in the evening? We have been organising the most fun experiences in Rotterdam for years! Perhaps you want to give a cracking company party or an exciting bachelor party? Or have a meeting with your clients over a nice glass of wine? AroundTown guarantees an unforgettable happening.

Our approach?

That is still Rotterdam’s raw and real. We speak clear language and are goal-oriented, so that we end up with a polished end result: a meaningful memory that brings a group of people closer together.

Collect moments, not things.

Co van Schaik &  Timo van Schaik

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