Rotterdam City Council is launching a national summer campaign to revive visits to Rotterdam and spending in the leisure sector.

The Corona crisis and its accompanying measures are having a huge impact on everyone, including Rotterdam’s leisure sector. Due to the geographical, many households celebrate their holidays in the Netherlands, and spatial limitations of 1.5m, Rotterdam is the perfect city for Cityleisure.

The focus will be on what Rotterdam does have to offer at a time when spatiality, distribution and sufficient distance are key. These are characteristics of the city.

Rotterdam’s municipal marketing normally focuses on international marketing and promotion of the city. Given the current need and international travel restrictions, Rotterdam is deliberately opting for a regional and national campaign this summer.

The sustained growth in tourism that Rotterdam experienced in recent years virtually came to a halt in March. That while, according to the most recent figures, visitors in Rotterdam account for total spending of €93 million on an annual basis. And the leisure sector provides Rotterdam with over 24,000 jobs (6.4% of the total).

The impact of the current crisis is therefore immense for hotels and hostels, hospitality, convention centres, attractions, festivals, retail and the cultural sector and all the people working in them, among others. Moreover, the leisure sector is an especially vulnerable sector due to, among other things, its high proportion of SMEs, dependence on the high season and lack of catch-up effects.

To support entrepreneurs in the leisure sector, Rotterdam Partners launched the Rotterdam #ROTTERDAMZETDOOR campaign shortly after the crisis broke out in March, to bring to the attention of the residents of Rotterdam all the initiatives that emerged during the lockdown. With the summer campaign, aimed at restoring the visitor economy, Rotterdam Partners is taking the next step.

Because we naturally want to know what activities are on offer, we have made a selection of some fun activities.


The designers of the Rotterdam Game have converted the original game into a fully digitised version. It took four months of construction and the result is amazing. The game has all the specific elements of the original game and is played on a tablet.

The game is played in real-time and you can instantly see other teams on the digital map and your score is instantly visible. Fully location-based and interactive. Divided into teams of 4-8 people, you create your own route and set off to solve questions and assignments. The tension is constantly present as you have a view of the most up-to-date score on the real-time scoreboard.

The Rotterdam Game shows the city in a very interactive way. Go out and become a real modern ” incrowder”. A strategy game to be accomplished with the whole team. #ROTTERDAMZETDOOR

The Game is suitable for everyone and can be customised.


One of the most fun activities in Rotterdam is the VR Game Casa de Papel. VR Game, La Casa de Papel! Work well together and unravel challenging puzzles under the guidance of El Profesor. Besides tough Real life puzzles, you will also have to work well together in a virtual world. Moreover, the game can be played with large groups. #ROTTERDAMZETDOOR


The reception area is decorated as a SpeakEasy bar. Speakeasy is an English term for an establishment where illegal alcoholic drinks are sold. Such establishments arose during Prohibition in the United States from 1920 to 1933, when the sale and production of alcohol was mostly prohibited. The speakeasies were supplied with alcohol by an illegal circuit of bootleggers (liquor smugglers) and therefore often had links to organised crime. We built our bar in the same style.

Learn to make delicious cocktails yourself during this workshop. Shaking a good cocktail is harder than you think. It is all about the right ingredients, creating the right taste and specific preparation techniques. And that is exactly what you will learn during this cocktail workshop! #ROTTERDAMZETDOOR or ROTTERDAMDRINKTDOOR

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