Cocktail workshop


2,5 hours




€ 45,00 p.p.

Cocktail workshop.

A White Lady, Long Island Tea, Cosmopolitan and Gin Tonic. These are the names of oldfashioned cocktails. A cocktail is an ice-cooled spirit or liqueur mixed with sweet, sour or bitter ingredients and served in a drinking glass specially designed for cocktails. Usually a cocktail contains alcohol such as vodka, rum, tequila, whisky, gin, but nowadays you can also find more and more alcohol-free cocktails. To make a good cocktail, you not only need the right ingredients, but also the right tools like a cocktail shaker, bottle opener, blender, ice crusher, juicer and a strainer. But how? You will learn that during this workshop.


Cocktails are hot again at the moment. Shaking a good cocktail is harder than you think. It is all about the right ingredients, creating the right flavour and specific preparation techniques. And that is exactly what you will learn during this cocktail workshop! So would you like to learn how to make one of these cocktails yourself, or learn the skills of a real bartender or barlady? Enter the magical world of cocktail shaking and learn all its secrets.

Our professional bartenders will be happy to teach you all the tricks of the trade.


- Welcome Cocktail
- History of different preparation methods
- Creation of your own cocktails
- Guidance and explanation during workshop by our Gin-masters
- Exclusive rental of Speakeasy lounge bar

Please note this package has a minimum of 8 people for the indicated price. Smaller groups are possible but the price will be calculated according to the minimum number.

    What others say about us

    Dimitri van Kleef


    Recently had cocktail workshop with relations. There was an enthusiastic explanation and it is super nice location in a hidden spot in the middle of the city. The bar is cosily decorated and atmospheric. After we had the first cocktail from the owner, we could get to work ourselves. Super fun to do. Also ordered a tappas board with it very tasty.

    Danai Bachari


    Nice location and super fun game! Instructions could have been a bit clearer for the game and guidance could have been a bit better with setting up the equipment etc. Also, the number of people had not been communicated properly, which meant there were not enough chairs for meeting. Nevertheless, it was a really fun morning!

    Pics Rclmdame


    Super fun played. Especially highly recommend the water taxi crossing! Saw and learned a lot of Rotterdam. Thanks for our short film. Nice souvenir for our team.

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